Student Life in BSRT

Even during a pandemic God is touching the hearts and lives of our children. Mrs. Becky received an email testimony that we wanted to share! Thank you to all who support BSRT and know God is in control and we are looking forward to getting started online and pouring Jesus and His love into the children of Clover, SC.

My daughter accepted Jesus into her heart this summer and
she asked her father and I to baptize her in the ocean when we were on vacation early August.  It was very special.
Thank you for all that you did to help grow her in the faith
during her years at Bethel elementary.  We love you!!


  • Pancake Supper: Our annual Pancake Supper is typically held in early March. Students from each school perform songs and/or recitations that they have practiced throughout the year as the entertainment. Students need to arrive 15 minutes prior to their performance time.
    What an amazing turnout for this year's BSRT Pancake Supper!
    What an amazing turnout for last year’s BSRT Pancake Supper!

    Performance Times will be announced closer to the fundraiser date.


Students will attend “Bible class” during one of their special activity periods each week. It rotates each nine weeks through four specials: Art, Media, Music, and Technology. The day of week your student attends Bible will change based on which activity they will be missing for that nine weeks. Each school determines the order in which they miss specials.

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STUDENT TESTIMONIES: “What Biblical Studies Released Time Means to Me”

It’s meant a lot to me because I got to learn more about God and his Son Jesus Christ.

BSRT means to me is a fun way to learn the BIBLE! I love the verses and games. It is truly a great time!

Biblical Studies meant this to me, loving God and I like the lessons so much! I love Biblical Studies!!!

Released Time has meant so much to me because it has helped me to get to know GOD because at my house we don’t really study the Bible. I also just love the stories.

What it has meant to me is everything, get closer to the Lord, loving one another.

Biblical Studies Released Time has helped me learn more about God.

Biblical Studies means good true stories that are from the Lord.

It means to me that I have always meant to love God with all my heart!

To be encouraged to try not to sin. To be able to plant the stories and verses in my heart.

Biblical Studies means a lot to me because I can learn about God and more. Also, learn fun songs and lessons from my teachers.

I really like learning new lessons and learning new Bible verses. I also enjoy the music that we learn. Going to Bible class has inspired me to read the Bible more and talk to God more.

BSRT means to learn more about God. Also to enjoy God’s Word. To trust in God more.



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